People are not your most important asset, the RIGHT people are.
– Jim Collins

Executive Referencing

Executive Referencing is used to rapidly and better assess an external candidate’s suitability in terms of his/her functional competencies, leadership style strengths and weaknesses as well as their future potential and personal agenda. The aim is to diminish the risk associated with bringing someone from the outside into your leadership team.

Imagine that you have the perfect CV profile in front of you and are wondering how you can be sure the candidate will be right for your organization. We assist you with answering this question through speaking to several of the candidate’s business relations, advisers, previous employers, colleagues, customers, and industry insiders to gain their views based on hard facts.

We are aiming to find out not only ‘what’ the candidates did – something most referencing services can do – but more importantly, using our experience, judgement and interview techniques, to uncover ‘how well’ they did it.

Our reports are simply and clearly written without jargon and pseudo-scientific graphs. We outline the strengths and development needs of candidates and how successful they have been as fixers, transformers or growers based on input from sources with intimate knowledge of them, giving our perspective on how candidates stack up for particular job position roles.

Executive Referencing helps organisations to better evaluate the true quality of external candidates before a final job offer is made. However, in-depth Referencing is not always given the priority that it deserves. We believe adopting a clear and objective referencing process is more than just good corporate governance – it is critical for the healthy performance and sustainability of any organisation, and for investor / owner confidence.