People are not your most important asset, the RIGHT people are.
– Jim Collins

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping and Talent Retention are increasingly used for best practice succession planning which considers not only internal options but also external candidates that would be considered if a mission-critical job became available. Our approach assists the Boards and CEOs in understanding the best talent in the marketplace, providing an invaluable context for prioritising their development work with their best internal talent, as well as with a head start if they need to launch a search for a particular critical job position.

Imagine unforeseen events adversely impacting on one of your organization’s mission-critical role positions. At short notice this requires that you either look externally for an experienced executive, or alternatively have confidence in the ability of another internal candidate to swiftly step into the role. In this situation you may wonder about the competency level of external candidates; leading to the question of whether an internal or external candidate option would be best for your company.

We assist you in answering this question through mapping best-in-class external executives and their professional profiles against pre-defined senior job positions in your organisation. Subsequently, we evaluate potential candidates through extensive sourcing and referencing, followed by face-to-face interviews without revealing the identity of your organisation.

This approach can help you benchmark your existing executives with external best-in-class executives and use it to inform succession and development planning for the internal team as well as agreeing which particular high-calibre individuals to approach. In this way the succession of mission-critical executives, when needed, can take place in a timely and smooth manner.